Deciding how best to grow your company comes down to two options: build it or buy it. When the decision is to buy, success or failure is often defined by the response to three key questions:

  • Strategic Clarity – How will this help us achieve our growth goals?
  • Valuation – What is the deal?
  • Integration – What now?

M&A projects fail when one or more of these issues are not thoroughly answered. As your partner, we help you explore the ins and outs of a merger or acquisition. We help you ask—and answer—the right questions, challenge your perspective, expand your thinking and conserve your time as you consider the key issues involved in M&A-related strategic decisions.

We help guide and advise on every aspect of M&A activity—the strategic vision, target companies, funding options and integration.  Once the acquisition is complete, we see the project through to successful integration.

Chatham Hill assists in client capitalization needs.  One size investment, or type of investment, does not fit all. Companies have many differing and complex needs, based upon their size, maturity, market and market conditions, as well as financial and balance sheet realities. Debt, equity, industry, strategic verses financial partner, active or passive investors—there are many options to consider.  We help you to better understand the available options, explore how each might fit with your company’s strategic goals and culture, and select the best funding sources.