Chatham Hill was formed to provide decision makers with sophisticated tools for intelligent decision making – Our mission is to help companies traverse the “Smart Divide” with advanced analytics …so that answers will not only be rigorous and precise, but quick and intuitive.

  Chatham Hill is…

  • Smart Strategy
  • Adaptive Analytics
  • Intelligent Decision Systems (IDS)

We develop company specific programs and systems that consist of integrated data sets, algorithms, and models. All are designed and developed from company information as well as relevant external environments – from local markets to international realities. Adaptive and Predictive Analytics quickly generate and translate correlations and technical connections into intuitive, actionable strategic steps. This interactive, real-time predictive platform enables decision makers to confidently execute bold, visionary, and intelligent pathways for growth.


Smart Strategy

Dynamic not static
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Adaptive Analytics

AI-based Strategic Modeling
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Intelligent Decision Systems

For Answers on Demand
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