Together, the entire Smart Strategy Suite comprises a powerful, agile, and easy-to-use Intelligent Decision System (IDS) – a multi-purpose diagnostic and predictive system used to address both near-term operational and tactical issues as well as longer-term strategic visions. Chatham Hill’s Intelligent Decision Systems represent next-generation Business Intelligence, providing a highly scalable and valuable missing link in the corporate decision-making chain: the need for actionable, precise, and faster information for timely and intelligent decisions. Competitive advantage through analytics – “Answers on Demand”.

Through this systematic, interconnected, and advanced analytics approach to strategy, companies gain the intelligence necessary to define their competitive identity, express future goals, architect the best strategic plans, and develop the appropriate leadership skills for focused alignment – all needed to execute effectively. Once strategies are underway, the IDS will gauge progress and monitor effective decision-making on an ongoing basis. This keeps you informed, ready to make adjustments on a real-time basis, and highly competitive with all types of market changes and realities